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p!nk WIP by Lex-Logan p!nk WIP :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 1 0
Poets of the fall
Down the trail, through darkest dark
as we search to make our mark.
Falling down, eluding fate
On no man's land we sit and wait.
Under guise of friend or foe.
they know not our pain or woe.
Homeward bound, United front.
We're the ones who bear the brunt.
Father's lost and mother's gone
brightest spirits shining on.
they're the one's who risk it all
bravest poets of the fall
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 2 0
Kevin Durand Phone Wallpaper by Lex-Logan Kevin Durand Phone Wallpaper :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 3 0 Willa Holland by Lex-Logan Willa Holland :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 3 0
The Lonely Ghost
I'm thin as the air around me
Not a single ounce of weight
Not a molecule of substance
Never leave a single trace
Raising no more than a whisper
I'm as quiet as a mouse
You'll never hear my footsteps
Or the breath that leaves my mouth
In the court of long lost kisses
Where they find true loves warm bliss
I'm the lost love in the darkness
Drowning in a sweet abyss
I'll be your shadow in the daytime
Be your comfort through the night
I'll always be standing by you
Both in spirit and in might
When you're gazing high above you
Know I'm smiling in return
Always looking down upon you
Watching your life brightly burn
I shall wait for you forever
Always standing on the coast
Until once again you find me
I shall be the lonely ghost.
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 7 10
She opened her eyes blinking away the cool condensation sticking to her lashes feeling the cold metallic vice of groping her very bones through the dark abyss that was her prison cell, the sweet damp stench of death assaulting her senses with each breath she took.
Sitting up she tugged at the chain tying the shackles around her wrists to the loop embedded deeply into the rough dust covered floor. A tear fell from her deep brown weary eyes as she ran her hand over the floor counting the shallow marks she had scratched there in an attempt to keep track of how long they had kept her locked up.
54 days.
She yanked hard at the chain once more crying out in rage and bewilderment as tears began to cascade down her face beginning to dig at the floor around the steel loop, hope blossoming once more.
"There is no other way" he said looking at himself in the mirror laying his hand over the reflection of his sickly grey skin, pale even in the dim candle light. Wishing it to transform, for it to
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 4 9
Forging My Own Happiness
I've tried my best did all I could
You threw me out alone in the mud
Your punishment for what you did
I was just an angry teenage kid
I only did what I thought was right
So why then was I alone each night
You dramatise it all that's why
My childhood was a mess, don't lie
You made it hard it's your own fault
That's the reason I was in revolt
You're blaming me for your own flaw?
You manipulated every draw
That's enough I'm not taking this
Fine then, go on, you won't be missed
Tell me what else I could have done
Treated me the same as your son
Is that all your going to say?
There is one thing I must portray
Go on  I haven't got all week
This is the final time we'll speak.
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 5 14
Melodic Bliss
Chiming chords ring through the room
Melodic bliss numbs my foul mood,
Heavily chanting pacing beat
Staves of music twist and fleet,
Brightening all that's dark and drole
Entwining with my very soul,
Awakening thrum beats with my heart
As the curtains start to part,
The shroud of bleakness strips away
Leaving me fresh to start the day.
When all is done and I'm back home
Hoping I'll be left alone,
Flick on the kettle for a brew
Divert my mind to somewhere new,
Silent house no squawked attack
Kick off my shoes and settle back,
Push the button, hear the click
Of the stereo changing disc,
Close my eyes as I wind down
Encompassed by the sweetest sound.
Soothing chords ring through the room
Melodic bliss leaves me subdued,
While staves of music twist and fleet
In a softly flowing beat,
Brightening all that's dark and drole
Entwining with my very soul,
Relaxing thrum beats with my heart
As the curtains start to part,
The veil of stress is stripped away
Leaving me calm to end the day.
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 4 6
Mature content
Berlin...Pt 4 :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 6 8
Angel In The Clouds
Sweet mnemonic of the mind a love forever held to bind
Faintest beat against my ear your soft enchantment holds me near
Watch our time meander past just wishing it could only last
I think for hours how I will miss that one last sweet goodnight kiss
As you lay me down to sleep you gave your love for me to keep
I think of our last embrace of that proud look upon your face
I felt I could not get through my heart shattered when I lost you
The strength I felt I can't explain it shone bright through all the pain
It felt like you were at my side and my eyes welled up with pride
As they lay you down to sleep I gave my love for you to keep
I knew then we'd never part as long as you were in my heart
I think of you on your cloud I wonder if you're feeling proud
Of the woman I've become or of the things that I have done
You're the reason that I fight and try my best to see the light
I close my eyes and feel your presence, my angel sitting in the heavens
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 6 3
Desideratum Found
I lay still between blades
Watch as the pendulum sways
Please just leave me in peace
Allow me my silent release
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 3 8
Mature content
Berlin...Pt 3 :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 6 13
Purest Love
Tenderest beauty under my hand
I am enthralled within your elegance
Most astounding sound I could demand
I lay myself in your great command
My dear show me your grandest eloquence
Tenderest beauty under my hand
As I walk in this sweet golden land
Forever caught in your soft reverence
Most astounding sound I could demand
This eternal bond was never planned
I have been captured by your excellence
Tenderest beauty under my hand
This true love I feel cannot disband
As you chase off all dark malevolence
Most astounding sound I could demand
Reality now all seems so bland
Without your celestial prevalence
Tenderest beauty under my hand
Most astounding sound I could demand
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 3 5
Sitting alone watching time ticking by
Wondering why is it each time I try
You never seem to really feel it the same
You're just pretending and playing a game
Never saw my true worth or the real me
All you had to do was just wait to see
That I am the best thing you could have had
Now who do you think is left feeling sad
You lead me along then chose someone else
Left me here alone still sat on that shelf
But don't worry I'll find him eventually
That one man I inspire as much as he inspires me
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 4 8
Heart and Flower by Lex-Logan Heart and Flower :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 2 0 Black Beaded Necklace by Lex-Logan Black Beaded Necklace :iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 4 4


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Lex Logan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Well hello there I'm Lex ^_^

I am 28 and actually finished and survived studying a degree in Software Engineering, yes thats right and yes I am a girl. Maybe not a very girly girl but still a girl none the less :)

I have been writing for about seven years now and have been drawing from the day I could hold a pencil, although I do prefer my writing these days. I am currently writing fan-fiction on another website to help with improving my current skill and I am also trying to write a book.

If you wanna know anything more or just wanna see what my work is all about either note me/comment or have a browse through my gallery ^_^

Peace out :peace:

The Sound of Silence

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 5:22 AM

Well considering it's been a pretty crappy week all round on the planet between floods here in the UK and the horrific incident in Florida (my heart does out to every single person affected buy it). I don't know if I want to live on this planet anymore, it's depressing me quite a bit with the extremes things seem to be getting to these days in both natural and man made disasters.

Also I heard the amazing cover Disturbed have done of 'The sound of silence' I'm not sure everyone will feel the same but I feel like it kind of fits the state the world is in at the moment. If you haven't heard it I would seriously recommend a listen, it's nowhere near their usual sound and it actually a very deep and moving cover of an already great track.

Anyway thusly the theme here is the sound of silence/ what the hell is wrong with this planet.....

Sound of Silence II

The Sound of Silence by Leucareth

Sounds Of Silence by Astranat

Sound of Silence IX by ImagesByDyrek

The Sound of Silence by IntunericVise

Orlando 12.6.16 by sevvysgirl

Sound of silence by zardo

The sound of silence. by incredi

And this last one did actually manage to make me smile and lift my spirits a little bit

Pride by 12bfeygirl42

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  • Reading: The Talisman - Stephen King/Peter Straub
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It most definitely is! It disgusts me to think anyone that could commit such an act could ever be the same species as me and it's angered me a lot to see some of the quite frankly horrific comments that have come out of it against the LGBT community :( I thought the piece was very well done even under the sad circumstances. Oh and you're welcome :)
sevvysgirl Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Once we all start to accept that we are ALL human beings under the same sun - no matter what gender, colour, creed/religion or sexuality we are - the world will be a better place. Sadly, I think we've all got a long wait for that full acceptance to come ... Like you, I am ashamed at my fellow-human beings at times; the only consolation, I guess, is that the vast majority of us are not like that. And thank you for your kind comments and on sharing my work :-)
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